Activities under SAGY were carried out from MGNREGS in convergence with MzSRLM. Participation of women (SHGs) made the Programme very successful.

                    Following are activities already achieved so far:

  1. Road-side Tree Plantation along PMGSY Road: On 8th June, 2015, Tree Plantation was done at Khawlailung Village for SAGY Programme under MGNREGS. 1850 Nos. of trees have been planted along the roadside Tuichang to Khawlailung by Job Card holders under MGNREGS. Out of which, sixty six (66) Trees were planted by different SHGs Group under MzSRLM i.e. two (2) trees for each Group. At present, there are 33 SHGs at Khawlailung Village. These planted trees will be maintained by these SHGs.
  2. Health Awareness: Pamphlets containing personal hygiene were distributed to every household at Khawlailung Village. These Pamphlets were issued by the Federation of Self Help Group of Khawlailung Village and the expenditure for printing pamphlets was sanctioned by the Federation itself.
  3. Cleanliness Programme: Thirty three (33) numbers of dustbins were placed at various places in the name of SHGs for sanitation/cleanliness Programme. The expenditure of this activity was also sanctioned by the federation.