Written by:

Daniel Lalawmpuia

Cluster Co-ordinator, NRLM

East Lungdar R.D Block

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Bawktlang is a small village located within Serchhip District surrounded by N.Vanlaiphai in the south, Mualcheng in the east and Lungchhuan and Chekawn Village in the west. The village is not very far from Aizawl, the Capital of Mizoram; it is only about 160 kms from Aizawl and can be reached within 7 hours from the capital. It has a mild climate, comfortable in summer as well as in winter with moderate temperatures throughout the year. According to 2011 Census report, there are 64 houses with a total population of 319 including 153 male and 166 female in the village. 

       Pic: Bawktlang Village

       Pic: Bawktlang Sketch Map



  1. No. of households                                                      : 64
  2. Total Population                                                         :319(2011 census)
  3. Male                                                                         :153
  4. Female                                                                     :166
  5. No. of schools :-        Government Primary School        -1                            

                              Government Middle Schoo    -1

  1. No. of Village Council                                                 : 1
  2. No. of Public Distribution Centre(PDS)                         : 1
  3. No. of church                                                             : 1
  4.  No. of Anganwadi centre                                            : 1


The present leaders of the Village Council are given below:

President:                        Rochungnunga         

Vice President:                Hmnangaihzauva               

Secretary:                       Lalpekhlua

Treasurer:                       H.Zaikhuma 

        Pic : BNRGSK Hall const. under MGNREGS at Bawktlang

Most of the people depend on agriculture; the traditional system of Jhuming is still practiced by the farmers and the villagers are concentrated in ginger and vegetables cultivation. They used to sell their vegetables product thrice a week to the nearest village i.e. N.Vanlaiphai village; this is one of the main sources of income.  The village has one primary school and one Middle School. When the students completed their elementary education, they usually go to N.Vanlaiphai Village for High school and higher secondary school. As even there is no health sub-centre in the village, when they faced illness and medical problems they also went to N.Vanlaiphai Community Health Centre.


All the villagers are Mizo clan and schedule tribe, and all of them are Christian belongs to Presbyterian Church only. They have Public library, football playground (Contd under BADP)  but the community hall (Contd under BADP) is still under construction. Most of the internal roads and approach road from the neighboring villages is still not blacktop. This is the main obstacle of the village in transportation and other economic activities. Rules and regulations in the village are maintained and controlled by the Village council and other stakeholders and NGOs like YMA, MHIP, MUP etc under the supervision of VC.

There is no Bank in the village. The villagers have been availing financial services to the nearest bank (i.e. Rural Bank in N.Vanlaiphai), which is about 5 kms from the Village.

       Pic : Water Reservoir constd. Under MGNREGA at Bawktlang

Different Rural Development schemes like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS), Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP), Indira Awas Yojana (IAY), National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM), Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS) and New Land Use Policy (NLUP) have been implemented for the socio-economic development the village.


Timeline of the Village:

Some of the important events of the village are highlighted below:

1909: Only Seven households were moved from Lungchhuan Village to Bawktlang village.

1913: Two evangelists Mr.Zikkawia and Mr. Khuanga preached the message of Christianity and the first believers those who converted into Christian are Liantawka, Darthawma and Chawikungi.

1917: Presbyterian Church was established in Bawktlang village, the first local minister was Mr.Dokhawnga.

1947: YMA was formed in the village on 31st March 1947; the first president was Mr.Vanthuama.

1947: Primary School was started in the village and it was provincialised in 1980; the first teacher was R.Vanthuama

1954: The first Village council was formed in 1954 and Mr.Chalthuama was the first Village council president.

1968: The village was grouping at N.Vanlaiphai Village due to an insurgency outbreak in Mizoram.

1979: ICDS anganwadi centre was established in the village.

1982: MHIP was formed in the village; the first president was Mrs.Lalengmawii.

1992: Private Middle School was stared in Bawktlang Village.

1993: MUP was formed in the village on 13th August, 1993; the first president was Mr. Lalzara.

2009: The village celebrated 100 years of a village centenary.