____________E. Lungdar Rural development Block was established in the year 1974, and is under N. Vanlaiphai Sub Division located in Serchhip District . The total population as per 2011 census is 14897. The RD Block is flanked by Tuichang river in the Western side and Tuipui river in the Eastern side. The famous river Tiau which is having a significant role in Mizo History also border some part of the the block. The block is also sharing an international border between India and Myanmar.


____________There are twelve (12 Villages) under E.Lungdar RD block, which are Bawktlang, Chekawn, E.Lungdar, Khawlailung, Leng, Lungchhuan, Lungkawlh, Mualcheng, N.Vanlaiphai, Piler, Sailulak, and Sialsir. N.Vanlaiphai Sub town is the biggest in E.Lungdar R.D Block having total number of 800 households.


____________The main occupation of the people in this block is Agricultural and allied activities and many of them are also engaged in Horticulture activities. The main Agriculture/Horticulture products in this area are Oranges, Ginger, Sugar cane, Chilli, Rice and Vegetables. Some of them are also engaged in Microenterprise activities.


____________Subordinate offices of various Government Departments under this block are Rural Development Department, Public Works Department(PWD), Public Health Engineering Department (PHE), Education Department, Animal Husbandry & veterinary Department (AH & Vety), Agriculture Department, Soil & Water conservation Department, Forest Department  and Social welfare Department.


____________Rural Development Department is providing services for rural poor through various schemes being implemented in the Block, The schemes implemented in the Block are, Border Area Development Programme (BADP), Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP), Indira Awaaz Yojana (IAY), National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). Rural People are benefitting from the above stated Schemes and their livelihood is being uplifted. Among these Schemes, Wage employment under MGNREGS is truly beneficial for the rural poor.


____________Various villages under this RD Block are either connected by all weather roads or fair weather roads, Many Agricultural lands are connected by Road construction under Border Area Development Programme. Land development works like Construction of dry Terraces, Half Moon Terraces, Construction of pits for Coffee plantation etc  are also undertaken from Integrated watershed Management Programme(IWMP) and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(MGNREGS). Watershed works like construction of Farm Ponds for Orange plantation, Fish pond construction etc are also carried out under IWMP. In the villages, many Assets like, construction of Culverts, Water Harvesting structures, retaining walls, Construction of Steps and village internal roads (PCC flooring ) are also undertaken from Material component MGNREGS. Every year assistance from Indira Awaaz yojana (IAY) is given to rural poor (BPL) for construction of dwelling house. Due to this assistance amounting to Rs 75,000 per beneficiaryas per latest instruction 2013, people in this block have better dwelling houses and houseless rural poor are decreased in number.


____________Banking facilities in this RD Block is not many, there is no State Bank of India Branch, however there are three branches of Mizoram Rural Bank (MRB) at three big villages i.e E.Lungdar, Khawlailung and N.Vanlaiphai, These MRB branches are very useful for implementation of RD Schemes.


____________Village council members under E.Lungdar R.D Block are very helpful and crucial for dissemination of Block Administration, they play an important role in successful implementation of various departmental schemes and programmes, they are supportive and cooperative for monitoring and verification of various works executed within their respective jurisdiction. Moreover, they play an important role in maintaining accountability and transparency at the village level.