Minute of Bawktlang PLF formation

Bawktlang Primary Level Federation (PLF) was formed on 24th march 2015. The election meeting was presides over by Daniel Lalawmpuia (CC) with the help of KC Lalparmawii, (BMM) and Madama (PRP). The election meeting was smoothly organized under the supervision of Mr. CH Thangkhuma, SMM (FI) and Mr. Lalmuanpuia Bapui, DFS (MIS). The programme was started at 10:00 AM with a prayer from Pi Rohnuni (CF), the Chairman Mr. Daniel Lalawmpuia introduced SRLM team from the Block and State among the members, 18 SHG members were presented out of 6 SHGs from the village in the office bearer’s election of Bawktlang PLF, all the staff had delivered a short speech during the election processes like introduction of PLF, PLF election procedure, importance, roles and responsibilities of PLF etc. The following members have been elected for the first ever office bearer’s of Bawktlang Primary Level Federation:

Sl. No: Name Designation Group Contact
1 Biakrinawmi  President Ropuiliani SHG  
2 Vanlalzapi Vice President Chhawkhlei SHG  
3 VL Hmangaihi  Secretary Kumtluang SHG  
4 Ramngaihsangi Asst. Secretary Senhri SHG  
5 Lalrinzuali Treasurer Dingdi SHG