IWMP Serchhip-V Entry Point Activities:

  1. Construction of rainwater harvesting tank at Leng :

                 Capacity – 1,34,400 litres

                Amount – 8.70 lakh

                GPS Co-ordinate – N 23.9°. 30.7’

                E- 93.07°92.0’                

The work was initiated in the month of February 2014, and is situated at Khurthar, Leng Village at about 1 km from the village, This natural water pond, clean and healthy is renovated from IWMP and water reservoir was constructed to meet the needs of Villagers when scarcity of water prevails. Moreover, the villagers have been protecting the forest above the Water point for more than three decades i.e since 1975, this recharge the ground water and increase the source of water supply for the Reservoir.



2.Construction of Bazar Building at E.Lungdar :

                                Size                       -            13.5mx9.00m

                                Amount                 -            15.78lakh

                                GPS Co-ordinate   -           N 23’09.269

                                                                         E 093’00.447

This  Market Building is constructed as Entry point activity under IWMP Serchhip V/2013-2014, The work was completed in September 2014, People of E.Lungdar Village are blessed by this Construction in many ways, there are about 20 people selling fresh vegetables and constantly running petty trade at the market, Farmers / cultivators could sell their vegetables from the field directly  at the market, Being connected and passed trough by various eastern villages, people earned their living and number of people depend on this business.


           Pic: Bazaar Building (During construction)

                                                    Pic: Bazaar Building (After construction)