During 25th to 27th February 2014, Capacity building programme was organized at Block Hqtrs ie E.Lungdar at BDO conference Hall by PIA in collaboration with State Institute of Rural development Department, Kolasib. Faculties from SIRD, ZD Lalthafala, Dr Lalhruaitluangi presented various topics which includes, Common guidelines of IWMP, Micro enterprise, Livelihood activities to be taken up under IWMP ,various farming activities, Formation of Self-help groups  and needs of environmental protection etc .

          Training courses were very helpful and useful for the watershed committee members, WDTs and PIA themselves.

Team from Extension Training centre, SIRD Thingsulthliah were also engaged for Capacity Building in 2014, We had visited Watershed committee, and user group at various villages and Training was held at their respective  village, WDTs and WC members find the training  very helpful.

          In addition to this, we had conducted Orientation training programme at Block Conference Centre, E.Lungdar, Block Headquarters on 26th June 2015, for new Village council members, Guidelines of the schemes were taught and explained to New VC members who are also member in Watershed Committee in their own Village. Project Manager, DWCDA who graced the function encouraged and clarified their queries at the Training Programme. The New VC members find it very Useful and helpful to understand more of the Scheme and the benefit it carries for their Village.



An exposure Visit was organized by Project Implementing Agency for Watershed Committee and Watershed Development Team(WDT) during  16th June to 21st june 2014, Various sites were visited and were very helpful for the Watershed committee members and the Watershed development Team Leader.

During the visit the following sites were visited:

Visit to  Indian Council for Agricultural Research(ICAR) Kolasib :  The General manager Dr Basanta singh was contacted earlier and he arranged whatever necessary through his faculties,  the faculties at ICAR were very helpful and enthusiastic to give lecture and demonstration to the Exposure team, during their visit to ICAR they have learnt Vermicompost  technology , Poultry farming, Animal Husbandry, various agriculture technique. The teams were really benefitted from this visit.


VISIT TO BILKHAWTHLIR R.D BLOCK:  The purpose of this visit was to have interaction with watershed Committee members, WDTs , PIA  from various parts of  the state and to exchange their ideas which will be helpful for both the parties, The Block Development Officer and Project Implementing Agency Pu Lalfakzuala  was very cooperative and assisted us to various work sites, The WC team have learnt many things from the works executed by Bilkhawthlir RD Block . Various questions were asked and were answered by the PIA. The team members had learnt many new practices from their visit.



The general Manager Dr Lalrohlua was contacted by PIA prior to this visit. He had helped in all  necessary arrangement  and gave information to various farms. Manager of each farm were giving us lectures and demonstration on various subjects, The WC members felt so blessed to have been taught by experts at the farm itself with practical classes.




 Although we did not include this visit in our plan, The DHO was requested within a limited time and the field officer  was contacted and they have agreed our request to visit their farm on our way home, they are cultivating Tomato, Capsicum and other horticulture plants with modern technique ,   the specific technique they have taught and demonstrated  was an inspiration to the WC members .