The Government of Mizoram make ‘the Mizoram Grievance Redressal Rules, 2009’ for dealing with any complaints by any person in respect of implementation of the Mizoram State Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme and lay down the procedure for disposal of such complaints.

Important points are:-

1.Complaints shall be filled at Village Council/Block Office/ District Office/ State cell Office to any authorized Officer.

2. Complaint Box shall be placed at the Office of the Programme Officer, Deputy District Programme Coordinator, District Programme Coordinator wherein any aggrieved person can post his/her complaint in writing stating his / her name and address in full. No anonymous complaint shall be entertained. Complaint Box shall be cleared at the first and last working hour daily for formal processing.


3. Complaints shall be filled in the prescribed format (Format-IV) with specific details and contact information of the complainant as far as possible if complaint is submitted orally, the receiver shall fill in the form in the presence of the complainant and issue Acknowledgement Receipt (below format - IV).

4. The receipt and disposal of complaints/appeal shall be recorded in the Register.

5. The monitoring of disposal of the complaints shall be done every month at the next higher level from State Government to District Programme Coordinator and District Programme Coordinator to Programme Officer and Programme Officer to Village Employment Council.

6. The complaints must also be informed of the action taken in writing through registered post with acknowledgement card. It shall contain a feedback for complainant to record his satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If no communication is received within a month of receipt of Action taken Report, the file may be closed.



  1. Appeals against the order of the Village Council shall be made to the Programme Officer; those against the orders of the Programme Officer shall be made to the State Employment Guarantee Commissioner.
  2. All Appeals shall be made within 45 days of the order issued.
  3. All Appeals shall be disposed off within one month.
  4. The complainants feeling aggrieved over the decision can make appeal to the next higher authorities. However, the decision of the state employment Gurantee Commissioner shall be final in respect of complaints/appeals on the implementation of MGNREGS within Mizoram.
  5. The guilty shall be penalized to pay a fine up to Rs. 1000.00 under Section 25.