E. Lungdar PHC was started as a Community build Subsidiary Health Centre in the year 1979. Currently, it is function as A Primary Health Centre with 10 bed facility and 4 Sub-Centres under it.


                The existence of this PHC started with a Community Meeting on the night of 20.11.1978 with Mr. H. Liansailova, Block Development Officer as Chairman. The Meeting passed the plan to build the SHC building and selected the place.

 The construction of the hospital building was started on 13.12.1978 and was finished on 24.3.1979 with a rough estimate of Rs 7,00,000. During this period the community shows good participation in the construction of the building and a good support from Dr. Aurora, Director of Health Services and Dr B. Thangdailova, Civil Surgeon. There were two building during that time:

  1. Main building – 76ft x 26ft
  2. OPD Building – 48ft x 22ft

The building was inaugurated by Mr PB Rosanga, Minister and Dr B. Thangdailova, Civil Surgeon on 14th November 1979.

The current building was inaugurated on 7th November 2012 by Minister of Health & Family Welfare Department.

INCUMBENCY LIST of Medical Officers:

  1. Dr Saikhuma Sailo                            1979-1983
  2. Dr James Thanzama                         1983-1985
  3. Dr Laltinchhawna                               1985-1988
  4. Dr R. Lalnghinga                                1988
  5. Dr Lalramliana                                   1988-1992
  6. Dr Hmingthanmawii                           1992-1999
  7. Dr Doris Lalnunmawii Sailo                1999
  8. Dr Lallawmkimi                                 2000-2003
  9. Dr Zonunsangi                                  2003-2006
  10. Dr Hmingthanmawii                           2006-2008
  11. Dr Malsawmsanga Khiangte              2008-2013
  12. Dr B. Lalthantluanga                          27th July 2013 – till date


Current status of Officer and staffs in the PHC is as under :-

  1. Medical Officer                    –             Dr B. Lalthantluanga
  2. Pharmacist                         -              Mrs. Lalremruati Zote
  3. Staff Nurse                         -              Miss H. Remlalmuani
  •                                                          Mrs C. Lalrinpuii
  •                                                          Mrs. B. Darhmingliani
  •                                                          Mrs. F. Laldintluangi
  1. Laboratory Technician         -              Miss C. Ramnunmawii
  2. X-Ray Technician               -              Miss Laltharzuali
  3. Ophthalmic Assistant          -              Miss Lalthangmawii ( from SATHI)
  4. Account Clerk                    -              Mr. C. Vanlalruata
  5. Driver                                -              Mr. Martina
  •                                                         Mr. Lalnunrema
  1. IV Grade                              -            Mr. H. Chawnbika
  •                                                         Mr. Thanzauva
  •                                                         Mr. Lalherliana
  •                                                         Mrs. H. Lalchhandami
  •                                                         Mrs. Zothansangi
  •                                                         Miss. Ngursangliani
  •                                                         Mrs. Lalmuansangi

The PHC covered 4 villages with one Sub-Centre in each of the village:-

  Following are health workers under E.Lungdar PHC:

  1. E. Lungdar SC                     -              Mr. T. Lalneihliana H/W (Male)
  •                                                          Mrs. K. Laltanpuii H/W (Female)
  1. Mualcheng SC                   -               Mr. B. Lalramliana H/W (Male)
  •                                                         Miss F. Vanlalhumi H/W (Female)
  •                                                         Mr. Lalmuankima IV Grade
  1. Leng SC                             -              Mrs. Lalthangduli H/W (Female)
  •                                                         Mr. T. Kapchhunga IV Grade
  1. Sailulak SC                        -              Mr. Ngursangzuala Tlau H/W (Male)


Facilities and Services available at E. Lungdar PHC

  1. OPD Service                       -              3days a week
  2. IPD Service                         -             24hours
  3. Delivery Service                  -              24 hours
  4. Emergency                         -              24 hours
  5. Laboratory                          -              Routine Blood Examination
  •         Routine Urine Examination
  •         Liver Function Test
  •        Kidney Function Test
  •        H. Pylori Test
  •        Blood Grouping
  •        Blood Sugar
  •        Hepatitis B & C
  •        Malarial Parasites
  •        Widal Test for Typhoid
  •        VDRL Test for Syphilis
  •        Pregnancy Test
  •        HIV Screening

The PHC provides delivery facilities for pregnant mother with a clean and aseptic Labour room equipped with Local Made Baby Warmer, Neonatal resuscitation Kits, and a power backup – Online UPS- 10kva with 16 batteries provided by BDO, RD Department under BADP, which provides power backup for the whole PHC Building and equipments necessary for emergency care.

The PHC provides benefit to the patients and general public as a whole through various health programmes   such as:

  1. Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY):  An amount of  Rs 700 is sanctioned  for pregnant women having institutional delivery, and for ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Rs 600/- for each institutional delivery.
  2. Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK) : Under this program each pregnant woman and Sick Infants are given free treatment/medicine and free transportation to and fro from home to PHC and referral.
  3. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (RSBY) & Mizoram State Health Care Scheme: Under this program, each RSBY Smart card holder is given free treatment/medicine if admitted in the PHC.
  4. Expanded programme on immunization: Under this program each child is given free vaccine to major preventable disease as approved by the Government of India which is carried out by the Health Workers in the Sub-Centre’s.
  5. Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP): Each Village under E. Lungdar PHC area is monitored and surveillance for communicable diseases is carried out and is reported  weekly.


Performance (January – December 2013)

OPD attendant


IPD Admission


Institutional Delivery


JSY Beneficiaries Mother


JSY given to ASHA


JSSK Beneficiaries Mother


JSSK Beneficiaries Infants


RSBY Beneficiaries



Male ward

Female Ward

Labour Room:

Laboratory :