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Name of Block                                    :           E.LUNGDAR

Name of Work                                     :           Constn. of link Road from Chekawn to Varhva

(with year size,length capacity etc.)                   River - 3kms                                       


Year of commencement                      :           2010-2011      


Amount Sanctioned                            :           Rs. 39 lakh


Govt. of Sanctioning Order                :          1) No. B.13011/5/2010-11-RD(BADP) : dt.10.09.2010

No. & Date                                                     = Rs. 5.00 lakh

      2) No. B.13011/5/2010-11-RD(BADP) : dt.22.09.2010

                                                                     = Rs. 7.00 lakh

      3) No. B.13011/5/2010-11-RD(BADP) :       dt.29.11.2012

        = Rs. 12.00 lakh 

      4) No. B.13011/5/2010-11-RD(BADP) : dt.27.09.2013

        = Rs. 15.00 lakh                                                                                                                                               

Release Order No. & Date      :                       1) No. 41 of BADP 2010-11: dt.23.03.2011 Vide No.

            B. 13011/5/2008-DTE(RD)BADP/LD : dt.23.03.2011

            = Rs. 3.50 lakh

                                                                    2) No. 75 of BADP 2010-11: dt.25.05.2011 Vide                                                                            

                                                                       No. B. 13011/5/2008-DTE(RD)BADP/ELD : dt.25.05.2011

           = Rs. 1.50 lakh

        3) No.24 of BADP 2011-12: Dt.27.03.2012 vide No

            B.13011/5/2011 DTE(RD) BADP/ELD dt.27.03.2012

            = Rs 4.90 lakh 

        4) No.42 of BADP 2011-12: Dt.18.04.2012 vide no

            B.13011/5/2011 DTE(RD) BADP/ELD dt.18.04.2012

              = Rs 2.10 lakh

                                                                  5) No. 21 of BADP 2012-2013 : Dt.02.04.2013

         Vide No. B.13011/5/2011-DTE(RD)/BADP/ELD :

                                                                    dt.02.04.2013 = Rs 8.40 lakh

                                                                 6) No. 45 of BADP 2012-2013 : Dt.16.05.2013

        Vide No. B.13011/5/2011-DTE(RD)/BADP/ELD :

                                                                    dt.16.05.2013 = Rs 3.60 lakh

   7) No. 161 of BADP 2013-2014 : Dt.24.02.2015

      Vide No. B.13011/5/2011-DTE(RD)/BADP/ELD :

                                                                  dt.24.02.2015 = Rs 10.50 lakh

  8) No. 191 of BADP 2013-2014 : Dt.31.03.2015

      Vide No. B.13011/5/2011-DTE(RD)/BADP/ELD :

                                                                  dt.31.03.2015 = Rs 4.50 lakh

Date of Completion                            :     On going - not yet completed                                                                       

Whether handed over to the               :          

concerned Department/Organization.

If yes, to whom and when

Brief write-ups with photograph:

This link road construction had started in the year 2010, the work is being on construction (on- going) and is expected to complete in the year 2013. The total estimated cost is Rs 39 lakhs. More than 60% of the population in Chekawn village is dependent on agriculture and horticulture activities. A large number of families depend upon their WRC at varhva as well as orange plantation for their livelihood. This link road from Chekawn to varhva Road will be very useful for farmers at the time of harvesting their agriculture products.




Name of Block                                    :           E.Lungdar

Name of Work                                     :           Construction of Community Hall at Chekawn

(with year size, length capacity etc.)                                                                                     

Year of commencement                      :           2014-2015      

Amount Sanctioned                            :           Rs 15.00 Lakh

Govt. of Sanctioning Order                 :           No. B.13011/5/2014-15-RD(BADP)/ELD

 No. & Date                                                   : dt.30.10.2014 = Rs. 15.00 lakh 

Release Order No. & Date                  :           1) No.10 of BADP 2014-2015: Dt.27.01.2015

Vide No. B.13011/10/2014-BDO(EL)/BADP

 : Dt.27.01.2015

= Rs7.50 lakh                                                

Date of Completion                            :           On Going Construction

Whether handed over to the                :           Not yet completed

concerned Department/Organization.

If yes, to whom and when

Brief write ups and Photograph:

Chekawn Village which is a small village has a lot of potentials in Agriculture as well as petty Business, However, people in a viallge doesnot have proper gathering place for cultural and social activities, following proposals from Block development committee members in their village Construction of Community Hall was executed, The construction is not yet completed due to distraction by heavy rainfall and engagement of Skilled and manual labours in their field but it is hopeful that the construction will be completed soon.  

Pic: Ongoing construction of Chekawn community Hall.