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Name of Block                                    :           E.LUNGDAR

Name of Work                                    :           Constn. of Playground at Bawktlang  

(with year size, length capacity etc.)          

Year of commencement                      :           2012-2013      

Amount Sanctioned                            :           Rs. 8 lakh

Govt. of Sanctioning Order                   :          No. B.13011/5/2012-13-RD(BADP) : dt.04.12.2012

No. & Date                                                    

Release Order No. & Date                  :           No.21 of BADP 2012-13: Dt.02.04.2013

                                                                    No.45 of BADP 2012-13: Dt.16.05.2013

Date and Completion                          :           12.04.2013                 

Whether handed over to the                :           President, Village Council      Rochungnunga

concerned Department/Organization.             , Bawktlang              on  4th Sept 2014

If yes, to whom and when


Brief write-ups with photograph:

Bawktlang village is a small village with 70 (Seventy) a household, the play ground was constructed in the year with an estimated cost of Rs 8, 00,000.00 and  the area covers 100 x 60 meters wide. This playground enable the village youth to play and help them overcome social evils which is prevalent among modern youths, moreover, the playground is very useful to organize local sport tournament, social gatherings and other social activities.