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Name of Block                                    :           E.Lungdar

Name of Work                                    :           Constn. of High School Building at Lungkawlh

(with year size, length capacity etc.)                                                                                      

Year of commencement                      :           2012-2013

Amount Sanctioned                            :           Rs. 15 lakh

Govt. of Sanctioning Order                   :          No. B.13011/5/2012-2013-RD (BADP):

No. & Date                                                     dt.04.12.2012

Release Order No. & Date                  :           No. 21 and 45 of BADP2012-2013

                                                                    Dt: 04.12.2012 and 16.05.2013

Date and Completion                          :           6th May, 2013

Whether handed over to the               :           Handed over to District Education Officer,

concerned Department/Organization.             Serchhip District on 4th September, 2014

If yes, to whom and when


Brief write-ups with photograph:

This High School Building at Lungkawlh was constructed in the year 2012-2013 under Border Area Development Programme. Being a remote area and located in border area, the place needs to be developed in various ways. Of which Education is one of the most important development they require, that is why Construction of High School Building was undertaken under Border Area development Programme.

The School was established in the year 1998 by private individuals; the status was upgraded to Lump sum aided in the year 2004 and to Adhoc aided status in the year 2008. That time, due to the need of the villagers, they had constructed the building with bamboos, woods and other materials available in the Village. There being no available fund for construction of School building from the concerned Department, and being not covered by Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, the school committee could not construct better buildings until 2012. Moreover, This High School is important for the village because it is fed by students from Middle School in Lungkawlh having large number of Student’s enrollment, which is in turn fed by Primary School that has largest number of student’s enrollment in Serchhip District. Furthermore, It is difficult for the students from middle School to  go to nearby villages or District Capital for Higher Education at that age  and the Villagers could not afford to get such education due to poverty, distance (nearest Village having High School is N.Vanlaiphai which is 12kms away from Lungkawlh village) and other reasonable factors. Hence, this construction really benefits the villagers to get Education till Class –X standard.

At present, there are eight (8) teaching staffs, one Grade IV supervised by one Headmaster, The School has 26 no of students, and detail enrolment status in the school is as under:-

Sl no

Class/ Standard














With this assistance from BADP, the school is now progressing and has number of achievements, in addition to their normal studies, they are participating in various co curricular activities like Filed trip, Sports etc. The Eco club in the school is also engaged in cleaning activities, afforestation etc. This newly constructed School has two classrooms for class x and ix respectively, One laboratory, One teacher’s common room, one room for Headmaster and  toilet, separate toilets for girls and boys is constructed  adjacent to the building.

The teaching staffs in the school are also enthusiastic and active to put more effort for better functioning of the school in future and they believed that the dropout rate that used to be 30-40 % would also be decreased in years to come.




Name of Block                                    :           E.LUNGDAR

Name of Work                                    :           Constn. of Playground and Pavilion at Lungkawlh  

(with year size, length capacity etc.)

Year of commencement                      :           2009-2010      

Amount Sanctioned                            :           Rs. 41 lakh

Govt. of Sanctioning Order                   :          No. B.13011/5/2009-RD(BADP) : dt.18.01.2010

No. & Date                                                    No. B.13011/5/2009-10-RD(BADP) : dt.13.09.2010

                                                                    No. B.13011/5/2009-10-RD(BADP) : dt.29.09.2011                                                                                               

                                                                    No. B.13011/5/2012-13-RD(BADP) : dt.04.12.2012      

Release Order No. & Date                :             No.18 of BADP 2009-10: Dt.13.04.2010  

                                                                    No.31 of BADP 2009-10: Dt.28.06.2010

                                                No.44 of BADP 2010-11: Dt.24.03.2011

                                                No.75 of BADP 2010-11: Dt.25.05.2011

                                                No.24 of BADP 2011-12: Dt.27.03.2012

        No.42 of BADP 2011-12: Dt.18.04.2012

                                                No.21 of BADP 2012-13: Dt.02.04.2012

        No.45 of BADP 2012-13: Dt.16.05.2013

Date and Completion                          :           12.04.2013                 


Whether handed over to the               :           President Village council, Lungkawlh           

concerned Department/Organization.             on 29th Aug 2014

If yes, to whom and when


Brief write-ups with photograph:

Lungkawlh village is a small village with a population of 803 and 155 households, since it is located at the border area,5.52 kms from Myanmar border, they are vulnerable and do not have equal opportunity with people living at the centre of the state, the inhabitants especially the youths needs a place and space for recreation, sport activities to enable them to encounter challenges that crop up in the border area. Therefore, the construction of Playground under Border area development programme promotes the inhabitants in a border area in various ways.