East Lungdar Recreation Centre/Park:

East Lungdar Recreation Centre/Park situated at the eastern side of E.Lungdar attracts visitors from various places within the Village and Mizoram State, The area is about 2.4 sqkm and is covered by various plantations and beautiful green pasture. Being a place of visit and amusement place for many groups of people including children, aesthetic value, productivity and utility need to be enhanced by installing some play ground equipment for children, Park Bench, Shed, etc which is provided under Border area Development Programme (BADP 2013-2014 (on going)). Hence, it is hopeful that construction of Recreation centre under BADP in this beautiful place would add its natural beauty and benefit the villagers /visitors in many ways. 


Afforestation under MGNREGS at Mualcheng:

Climate change has an impact in all over the world now a day, even a small village in remote areas cannot escape its effect. With growing population, increase in needs of human beings, the natural forest has become degraded. The needs of conservation of forest, afforestation is felt even in a remote areas, therefore villagers in Mualcheng Village, E.Lungdar RD Block have put their effort towards afforestation. This creates pleasant environment for people, wild animals and birds surrounding it. It is hopeful that this will also increase source of natural water in future.


Khawngtlang Afforestation cum Public Park at N.Vanlaiphai:

This afforestation cum Public Park covers over 50 Hectares, The villagers and the Village council members in this area are well aware of conservation of forest and afforestation. They have started plantation of trees in the year 2012 under MGNREGS, in addition to the newly planted trees there are around 1000 nos of naturally grown gooseberry in the park, moreover the villagers have harvested about 40qtls of Gooseberry every year. The overall trees planted so far is about 4200 nos. To meet the needs of visitors, water storage tank was also constructed in the park from MGNREG Scheme (Material Component). This plantation creates pleasant environment for the tourists, villagers, wild animals and birds. This will also benefit the farmers below the park who are engaged in Wet Rice Cultivation (WRC) by increasing natural water resources that supply water to the WRC area, this will in turn increase the productivity of Rice and other Cultivable crops.


Paddy Fields of N.Vanlaiphai:

            In N. Vanlaiphai, Rs. 200 lakh had been utilised  for the development of WRC under the ‘Land development & Implementation Programme’ About more than 100 households are engaging in WRC for their livelihood. These paddy fields are situated on the southern part of N.Vanlaiphai and are just about 5 kms from the sub town. Apart from its productiveness and economical value, it has aesthetic value and attracts visitors from various places. Many people in Mizoram have witnessed the beauty of these wide paddy fields. The best time to visit this place is between the month of August  and October.


In addition to the above stated place, there in the area is situated Heritage site “ Chhura Farep” which has a significant value in Mizoram History. Famous Chhura was believed to have been settled in these areas.


Moreover, N.Vanlaiphai has various aesthetic sites and places which are rich in biodiversity to add its value and beauty such as:


1. Hrangtur Forest: This forest is announced as ‘Protected Forest’ by the Village Council because it is regarded as the lifeline of the village, a source of  the good climatic condition and natural water.

2. Fachil Forest: 50 hectares of this forest is also conserved by Venglai Br. YMA.


3. Khawng Hill: This hill is conserved by Village Council as ‘Plantation cum Public Park under MGNREGS’ because it has a beautiful scenery and feature. There are abundant Amla( Goose berry) trees/fruits in this hill.

             The village is very pleasant regarding climate, landscape etc. and the people are  also keeping politeness to the strangers. Since the village is surrounded by forests, the climate is mild throughout the year.


Varhva river:

Mualcheng is very popular and well known by Mizoram in conservation and safeguarding fishes in the river Varhva. It has been observed that the fish is well protected and managed by all the villagers under the supervision of YMA, the villagers have contributed a remarkable act in biodiversity conservation, this practice is seldom found in other parts of the state, furthermore, alongside the river there is a wide beautiful and productive Wet Rice cultivation, many villagers have their paddy fields and this adds significant value to Varhva river apart from fish conservation.