SAAB Member List

Office Order No. B.12018/1/2013-BDO(EL) dated14th October, 2013: Assistant Settlement Officer, Land  Revenue Settlement, Serchhip District lehkha no.B.12019/1/2013-LRS(S) dt. 16.09.2013 duh dan angin heng a hnuai a mite hi kum 2013-2015 kum 3 chhung atan, SAAB Members atan ruat an ni, Hetiangin.

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1. Chairman                :        C.Laltleipuii, BDO E.Lungdar R.D Block.

2. Member Secretary  :      R.Chalhmingthanga, Headmaster, H/S.


Member                  :       

1. K.Lalngaizuala,VCP.

2. H.Laltanpuia, President, Branch YMA.

3 B.Zoramthanga, President, MUP.

4.  Prominent Person    :     

___________1) V.Hranglawma,E.Lungdar Vengthar.

___________2) C.Sawidawla, E.Lungdar.

___________3) H.Lalpartlana,E.Lungdar Venghlun.


5.  Political Parties        :     

___________1) F.Lianhnuna, Congress Group President.

___________2) B.Dengmura, MPC Group President.

___________3) C.Lalbiaktluanga, MNF Group President.

___________4) Lalramchhuana Sailo ZNP Group President.


6.  Sub Divisional Officer, Power & Electricity, E.Lungdar.

7. Sub Divisional Officer, Public Health Engineering, E.Lungdar. 

8.  District Assistant Settlement Officer, Revenue Department, Serchhip.

9.  Range Officer, E & F Department, E. Lungdar Range, E. Lungdar.

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